"The Big Stone collective is a multi-disciplinary response to creative problem solving, the collective is divided into three main strands, Conservation, Innovation in Business and Design. The collective has a wealth of experience and knowledge; we pride ourselves in delivering authentic, robust solutions and process" Frazer Macdonald Hay


The Founding Director, Frazer Macdonald Hay would like to welcome you to the Big Stone Collective.

Frazer started the collective after many years of design practice and adventure

Nationally and internationally Frazer has developed the design practice combining contemporary aspects of design, conservation, research, construction methods and theory.

Now based in Asia, Frazer has developed an international design collective which reflects an innovative approach to global design innovation and social challenges.

The Company 'Big Stone Collective' is split into three main disciplines, which offer design consultancy, Conservation Consultancy, and Innovation in South East Asian and UK Business

 Frazer is a specialist in architectural re-use and intervention, interior architecture and architectural conservation. He is the Director of the Glasgow School of Art Singapore and Big Stone Collective UK. Previously working for The Royal Air Force, Hampshire's Fire and Rescue service and later, as an expedition leader in Central Africa, Frazer has had an unusual route to his current profession but has since become a leading figure in his field. Currently he is Chair of the Creative Industries Business Group, British Chamber of Commerce Singapore and a member of Substation's Board of Directors in Singapore. He is also a member of numerous design and architecture committees in Singapore and abroad. 

"We provide a creative solution to business and social issues. Whether small or large scale we can provide problem solving consultation, critically we are actively engaged in current international research development which underpins our process and practice ". FMH